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Guntram Strobel
Resides: Resides in Stonemarche
Status: Active
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Guntram Strobel was dragged into the SCA by his wife, Signý Kráka in 2011. Together they have raised 6 kids in the SCA: Ishikawa no Yuki'o, Lady Brigit Donn (now in Atlantia), Lauren of Stonemarche, Maebh Fhionn, Eirik the Lost, and Rose Le Fey. In 2019, he discovered the Foresters and became a founding member of the Forest of Stonemarche.


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Offices & Positions

Deputy Sheriff of Stonemarche, 10/13/2019 to present

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In Case of Court

Surprise is part of the fun of Court, so please contact my wife Signý Kráka to make sure I am in attendance. My pronouns are he/him.

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