Gregor II and Christence II

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Sovereign: Gregor Heiseler
Consort: Christence von Heiseler
East Kingdom Crown #: 54
Preceded by: Lucan II and Jana II
Succeeded by: Timothy and Gabrielle


  • Established the Blue Tyger Legion: given to groups who have demonstrated exceptional martial prowess on the field. A group inducted into the Legion may hang from its banner a schwenkle (small flag), bendy purpure and Or, charged with the initials of the inducting sovereigns. No more than one group may be inducted into the Legion during any one reign. A group may be recognized in this manner more than once, in which case the initials of the sovereigns will be added to the existing schwenkle. Established November 19, A.S. 29.
  • Expanded the Queen's Guard to include Fencers and Archers on November 19, A.S. 29.





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