Grande Compagnie de Sainte Claire

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The Compagnie, Pennsic 34
Founded: A.S. XXXVIII
Status: Active
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La Grande Compagnie de Sainte Claire is a group of early blackpowder weapons (often referred to amongst ourselves as 'cannons-onna-stick') enthusiasts who are trying to re-enact the life and practices of a 1405 company of handgonners and crossbowmen. The compagnie was raised by Monsieur le Baron de Sainte Claire to follow Monsieur le Duc d'Orleans south into Gascony to fight the English there. The force currently includes three large gonnes (1.0 caliber), and three smaller gonnes (two .56 and one .50 caliber), which in combination can make a great deal of smoke and noise. If all goes well (and the baggage train ever catches up with us...) we hope to have some even larger pieces at some future point.


We have been functioning as a company, and firing for battles at the Pennsic war and other events since @ A. S. XXXVIII, firing for our own enjoyment and the education of others. The Company is a recognized member group of the Worshipful Company of Saint Barbara, the SCA wide guild for the promotion of, and education about gunpowder weapons in the SCA period.


Commander - Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada

Captain-General - Baron Jonathan Carver

Lieutenant of the West - Lord Geffroi le Crieur

Lieutenant - Lord Jame Aguillier

Lieutenant - Jean Ampoullier

Guillaume le Long

Nicholas Poissonnier

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La Grande Compagnie de Sainte Claire