Gráinne inghean Uí Néill

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Resides: Barony of Settmour Swamp
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess sable and gules, two bees and a rose Or

(fieldless) An hourglass per pale sable and gules
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Lady Grainne inghean Ui Neill (formerly Gráinne MacCleud) is a 13th century traveling Celt, who also went by Grainne of East Land a 12 Century Celtic Midwife.

I started playing in 2002/AS 37 in Shire Caer Adamant, moved to Barony of Iron Bog, then to Middle Kingdom from 2010/AS 45 to 2017/AS 52. I returned to The East Kingdom and now reside in the Barony of Settmour Swamp.


Lady Gráinne was born in 1230 to parents that were merchants on the Silk Road. She is now learning the merchant trade from her father and was absorbed into a household of mercenaries, so any profits have been "reinvested" into the mercenary operation. She is the youngest sister to many siblings in Clan MacLeod. She has been learning the culture of Turkish, Ottoman and Persian merchants and using it to her advantage.




Offices and Positions

  • Deputy Chatelaine - Caer Adamant, 2005-2006
  • Emissary to Atlantia bearing gifts from Wilhelm I and Vienna I - 2018
  • Chamberlain - Settmour Swamp, 2021 to 2023
  • Settmour Swamp Thrown Weapons Champion 2023

Royal Retainer to...

Queen's Guard

Event Staff

  • Deputy Steward, Swamp Thynge, 2004
  • Steward, Swamp Thynge, 2005
  • Cakes for Various Auctions, 2017- Present
  • War of the Wings 2018 in Atlantia - Security Detail, Water Bearing, and Running 'G'Uber'
  • Stunt Consort, Novice Tournament, 2018 and 2019
  • Security Detail at Birka 2019
  • Voice Herald Spring Tournament, 2019
  • Deputy Autocrat, Toys for Tots IV, 2019
  • Helped with sanitation at Day of Martial Champions in Settmour Swamp, 2021
  • Set up and Troll at Quest in Settmour Swamp, 2021
  • Set up and Vaccine card check at 100 Minutes War/ Novice Day, 2021
  • providing supporting and fellowship to people in recovery, 2010 to Present
  • Card Czar for Mudthaw 2022
  • Quest in Barony Settmore Swamp 2022 - Set up and break down, also served high table at feast
  • Organized archery and thrown weapons practices for the Barony of Settmour Swamp with the Town of Secaucus.
  • Pennsic XLIX:
    • Family Point
    • Recovery Meetings
    • Retainer for Orlando and Charis, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp
    • Vigil of Sir Bari of Anglesey - Deputy Food Coordinator
  • Set up and Breakdown for Brennan & Caoilfhionn’s Ducal Challenges V
  • Bhakail Yule Revel 2022- Deputy Fest-o-crat, under Mistress Baroness Juliana von Altenfeld, OL, OP
  • Beast of the East 2023 - Heavy List Herald
  • Gulf Wars 31:
    • Set up and break down of the East Kingdom populace camp
    • Watch Desk Sergeant
  • Pennsic L:
    • Vigil of Pádraig Ó Brádaigh - Food Coordinator
    • Participated in the Baronial Thrown Weapon Champion Throw (and challenged for the Golden Axe)
  • Head of Dayboard for the Barony of Buckland Cross Rattan and Rapier Champions 2023
  • Assist with set-up and Head of Sanitation for 100 minutes War 2023
  • Bhakail Yule 2023 Feast Prep
  • Gulf Wars 32:
    • Set up and break down of the East Kingdom populace camp
    • Transportation shift
    • Retained for His Royal Highness George Emerson True
    • Dinner prep assistance for the Glorious Taz

Misc Awards

  • Iron Volunteer Award at War of the Wings 2018
  • Sovereign's Order of Esteem - Matthias Grunewald at Gulf Wars 2024
  • Dragonship Haven Fiskur - Baroness Clarice d'Allaines le Comte at 39th Balfar's Challenge 2024

Artistic Learning

Artistic Teaching

  • Feb 11, 2023 - Imbolc Scola - So, You Want to Retain? (How to retain for Baronial heads and Royal reigns)

Arts & Sciences Entries


In Case of Court

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Ethereal Awards: Yes

Scroll Preferences: Grainne would not mind a little whimsy in her scroll with Loki or Star Wars