God can not see us in the trees

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A speech given to the Eastern Army and allied forces by Diomedes Sebastianus prior to the Pennsic 37 Woods Battle.
It was later printed in the October 28 Pikestaff:

"God can't see us in the trees!"

East King's wood is this, and so
His Army today, a-hunting goes.
For on this day, declared, decreed -
Tis 'Dragon Season' amongst the trees!

Let us sally through the brush and bales
Collecting heads and Dragon tales.
Through their lines, we'll cut a swath.
Through their ranks, they'll know our wroth.

It will not fall easy, the serpent fat,
They promise a fight, thank God for that!
But they will bow on bended knee
For "God can't see us in the trees!"

For King and Queen and Crown we claim
This canopy wood in righteous name.
For, as Saint George with spear advance,
Go we to set these Dragons to lance!

And when the day at last is done
Let no doubt be cast who's lost and won.
We set upon this task with song
For, to the Tygers, these woods belong.

© Mattyd