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Azure, a water wheel within a laurel wreath argent, a ford proper.
Location: Southern Maine


A Riding of the Province of Malagentia.

Once upon a time, there were very few SCAdians in York County, the southernmost part of Maine. Almost everyone who lived there were members of households chartered in Stonemarche, and tended to participate more in Stonemarche events than in Malagentia ones.

The situation was compounded when someone at Corpora misclassified the territory. The SCA uses zip codes to define territorial boundaries. The southern tip of Maine (Giggleswick) uses 039xx zip codes, but the rest of the state (Malagentia) uses 04xxx zip codes. New Hampshire (Stonemarche) uses 038xx zip codes. Someone mistakenly listed the 039 zip codes with the 038 ones, so that Giggleswick was listed as part of Stonemarche.

Inhabitants of this border area, seemingly neither Stonemarche nor Malagentia, decided they needed a group name. There is a town in England called Giggleswick, which we thought was perfect, and we began calling ourselves the Borough (Burro) of Giggleswick.

Corpora discovered their mistake, and reassigned the 039 area to Malagentia. Stonemarche, at the time, had a regular archery practice in Elen Alswyth's backyard in Giggleswick. Malagentia's "new claim" seemed a good excuse for an archery war. So Master Harold penned a declaration of war between Stonemarche and Malagentia - written in pig latin, and penned in luxuille miniscule. It was casually delivered to the Seneschal of Malagentia, but not translated. Needless to say, no representatives from Malagentia appeared at the designated time and place (though visitors from Mountain Freehold were pressed into duty as mercenaries). The Stonemarche archers won, not surprisingly, and the mercenaries presented their bill to Malagentia, payable in beer.

This now provided an excellent pretext for the Great Northeastern War to be waged between Malagentia and Stonemarche, over Giggleswick. Malagentia won, thus establishing their authority over Giggleswick, by Royal decree as well as by Corpora rule. However, most of the inhabitants of Giggleswick still considered themselves part of Stonemarche, and so pleaded to the King that they be allowed to retain their ties and not suffer recriminations from Malagentia. The King graciously allowed this, decreeing that while the land was part of Malagentia, Stonemarche would be tasked to ensure that the people of Giggleswick, who raised arms against Malagentia, would suffer no reprisals. The Baron of Stonemarche immediately adopted the title "Protector of the People of Giggleswick", claimed by his successors to this day.

However, in the many years since that day, Giggleswick has loosened its ties to Stonemarche, and made new and stronger ties with Malagentia. A new generation of Giggleswickians formally established the Riding of Giggleswick as part of the Province of Malagentia.


Meaning: The Riding is named after a town of the same name in North Yorkshire, England. According to The Dictionary of British Place-Names, the town was listed as "Ghigeleswic" in 1086 (Domesday Book) and derives from 'Dwelling or (dairy) farm of a man called Gikel or Gichel' + wīc."

However, some inhabitants prefer the spurious meaning, "place of giggles" or "fun place".

Established: 2013

Blazon: Azure, a water wheel within a laurel wreath argent, a ford proper.

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