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Quest: Into the Forest, or How to Become a Medieval Forester
Founded: February 7, 2023
Status: Active
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Heraldry Needed


This is a local chapter of the East Kingdom Foresters Guild for the Barony of Carolingia. Until they establish their own chapters, foresters from the Shire of Quintavia and neighboring areas are welcome to join us.


  • February 24, 2024 - Ice Weasel event, Fall River, MA: Member foresters taught classes in fire-starting, sewing, and knot tying. Keeper Ella held her first court and administered the Foresters Oath 2 two new Novices.
  • February 18, 2024 - Local foresters gathering, Sterling, MA
  • January 28, 2024 - Birka, Manchester, NH: Chapter was granted a royal charter by the East Kingdom Foresters Guild and the Barony of Carolingia
  • January 14, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Carlisle, MA
  • December 30, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Worcester, MA
  • November 11, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Woburn, MA
  • October 22, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Pepperell, MA
  • October 6-9, 2023 - Some members attended the Endewearde Hunt, Newburgh, ME
  • October 1, 2023 - Submitted a petition to the High Warden for a royal charter
  • September 30, 2023 - Saunter to Bancroft Castle on Gibbet Hill, Groton, MA
  • September 9, 2023 - Set up a Foresters tent at the Carolingia 50 Year Celebration in Westford, MA
  • September 1, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Carlisle, MA
  • August 2023 - Held scribing workshops in Pepperell and Carlisle to draft undercontracts
  • July 2023 - Some members attended the Great Northeastern War and/or Pennsic
  • June 3, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Billerica, MA
  • May 13, 2023 - Set up a Foresters tent at the Tournament of Roses event in Hudson, MA
  • April 2, 2023 - Local saunter & foresters gathering, Pepperell, MA
  • March 5, 2023 - Local foresters gathering, Carlisle, MA
  • February 7, 2023 Submitted a Request for Letter Temporary to the High Warden of the East Kingdom Foresters Guild


Actual text of the Charter for the Royal Forest of Carolingia

Be it known that we have prepared well to undertake care of the Greenwood and hereby accept charge to protect the Royal Forest of Carolingia from foe or neglect and joyfully proclaim Ella de Caleys as our founding Honorable Keeper of the Forest.

All Foresters are expected to assist others, protect the Greenwood, uphold forest law of the East Kingdom, follow all lawful representatives of the East Kingdom and Barony and abide the pleasure of Their Excellencies Carolingia. Those Foresters who take oath of this in front of the High Warden shall be known as Royal Foresters.

All Foresters shall make ready by practice and teaching the skills and knowledge of woodcraft and flame. Any Royal Forester by demonstrating increased proficiency in tasks designated by the High Warden of the East shall be recognized as Underforester, Forester, Master Forester or Forest High Order members as befits their skill and kit.

The Keeper of the Royal Forest of Carolingia must be a Forester or Master Forester and is further charged to conduct the business of the Forest and hold a seat on the Great Council of Carolingia for up to three years with support of Their Excellencies Carolingia and a majority of Carolingia’s Royal Foresters in the Royal Forest of Carolingia.

Other officers of the Forest Court are appointed by the Keeper including a Sergeant acting as herald and holder of the sword of the Forest Court, a Chronicler reporting Forest activity, and a Constable accounting for Forest funds earned by fines, licenses or fund raising.

As a Royal Forest within the East kingdom, we lastly pledge honorarium to the Royal Forest of the East Kingdom and to the Baronage of Carolingia. Individual Foresters shall not by demand nor requirement be expected to contribute to the honorarium.

To all these things do we set our hands on January 28, AS LVIII

     Barone e Baronessa di Carolingia              High Warden         High Chronicler

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