For Valdimarr Thorbane's Maunche

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Words by Toki Redbeard and Magnús hvalmagi; written in kvithuhattr

At Metalsmiths Symposium in the Shire of Glenn Linn, The King and Queen called Valdimarr Thorbane before them. The skald stepped forward and spoke a verse:

King and Queen cut the runes and
break the gold and bind all oaths.
Oak and elm of Eastern Crowns,
eyes shining, eager greet you.

Bull's beakers bear your carvings,
runes of praise wrap these ear-roots.
Skill of tools scribed the throne-gifts.
Beast's bow is blazed with fame-path.

Take in trust Tyger's reward,
gift of garb granted rarely -
measured arm with mail of flax.
Oaken branch by oath-lords clad.

Then, King Gregor and Queen Kiena took Valdimarr Thorbane into Their Order of the Maunche. It was the eighth day of October, forty-six years after the first settlement of the Society.

© Michael Dixon and Peter Olsen