For Lucie Lovegood of Ramsgate

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Dear is the rose, which blooms within the Prophet’s hand.

Her cheeks soft with the brush of petals,

Her eyes shining as the dawn made day.

Her laughter as the East-wind

Which yesterday danced in her fair locks.

Luminous before the Prophet’s eyes,

is the finest of flowers, fairest of friends.

He crowns her with deep admiration,

with esteem eternal as the cedars.

Jibril speaks: May the light of my deeds

Raise your honor and renown.

As the rose climbs the tower wall

I would have you flourish atop the vines

Closest to the brilliant sun.

By Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge (Monique Bouchard)

Inspired by Persian poet Khwaja Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi,132?–1389/90