For Lady Isabeau Du Valle

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For Lady Isabeau Du Valle

Let me not fulsome and forsooth words speak.

The pattern of poets, beyond my scale.

Thus, for the Lady Isabeau DuValle,

Simple and true is the language I seek.

I could speak of beauty: her smile, her cheek.

I could tell of charm: her wit will prevail.

I could speak of talent: Her arts unveil.

I could tell of grace: her refinement unique.

These gifts galore does my consort possess:

Though in Loyalty, there’s none to compare

With Isabeau’s faithfulness beyond scope.

Of all the virtues that some may profess,

Her friendship conquers the shades of despair.

Through darkness she stands, my beacon of hope.

Written for Isabeau Du Valle by Ysemay Sterlyng for the Fall 2014 Crown Tournament Poetry Project