For Ávaldr Valbjarnarson's Queen's Order of Courtesy

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Written by Magnús hvalmagi and Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige; written in ljóðaháttr. First two sections are re-poeticized excerpts from Hávamál.

The Wisdom of Odin tells us:

Recieve the meadhorn, but measure your drink.
Speak sense or be silent.
No kin will shun you , no shame be yours
if fast to sleep you fly.

We are also told:

Friends are gladdened by gifts of clothing
and weapons to wear proudly.
Richly gifting begets friendship
as long as wyrd is well.

With such wisdom in mind, Queen Thyra called to the gift-throne her good champion Ávaldr Valbjarnarson to best praise him with these words:

A battle bringer bold in shield-clash
but gentle and generous;
Holding silent ‘til certain of wisdom,
There is the best of thanes.

The Elm of the East honors courtesy -
sees the souls of the bold.
With quiet voice Avaldr stands -
a steadfast gentle stone.

© Peter Olsen & Amanda Lord