Flying Tygers

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The Flying Tyger's at their first battle, Pennsic L (From Left to Right: Eva, Chana, Dyrfinna, Hekja, Natal'ia, Montgomery, Serafina)
Founded: Casual Formation (10/2022)
Status: Active
Award Badges
Blue Tyger Legion

The Company of the Flying Tygers is a Combat Archery and Siege Household within the East Kingdom. Founded by Hekja Hornabrjotr, Natal'ia Bolotnikova, Eva Vach Wyllt, Serafina Reis, and Dyrfinna Hildibrandsdottir, the group is mainly comprised of Women and Gender Minority Fighters but is welcoming to all.

Group practices started in October of 2022 and expanded to Southern Army Sundays, as well as Southern Region War Camp in 2023 while we prepared for our group debut at Pennsic L, fighting under Black Lance.

It was at Pennsic L, with a record setting two minute win in the CA & Seige Battle, the honor of Blue Tyger Legion was bestowed upon the Flying Tygers by Their Royal Majesties, Brennan & Caoilfhionn.


Current Members: