Fernando de Rivera

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Fernando de Rivera at the Hunt (2016)
Resides: Quintavia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Pending Review and Approval
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Award of Arms Guild Member


Fernando de Rivera (also known as "Nando") started in the SCA by going to the Great Northeastern War 29. He became a member of one of the clans of Rolling Thunder and by GNEW 30 has fully immersed himself into the SCA world. He enjoys brewing, cooking, silversmithing, and general shenanigans. His first taste of battle was at GNEW 32 fighting at two of the bridge battles. Typically you can find him camped among the clans of Rolling Thunder where he is either playing the drums or cooking.


Born in the late 15th Century, Fernando de Rivera is a Spanish merchant.

Projects / A&S

Nando's passions within the SCA are brewing mead and silversmithing. He entered the world of brewing by participating in the GNEW potables competition in 2014. From there, he has participated in several of the roundtable competitions held each year. Silversmithing came naturally since at a very young age, Nando was already a learned jeweler being an apprentice in the mundane world. He dedicates his craft to making things for people and events.

A&S - Brewing

  • Apple Mead Potable for EKB roundtable at GNEW, Jul 2014
  • Ginger Mead Potable for EKB roundtable at the Hunt, Oct 2015 (Won best mead)
  • Blueberry Mead Potable for EKB roundtable at GNEW, Jul 2016
  • Ginger Mead Potable for EKB roundtable at the Hunt, Oct 2017



Nando Receiving his Silver Brooch and AoA (Photo by Brenden Crane)

More Information


Battles / Heavy List

  • GNEW 34 (2022) Naval Battle - Combat Archer / Fought for Stonemarche
  • Pennsic War 48 (2019) Field Battles and Bridge Battles - Heavy list / fought for the East Kingdom
  • GNEW 33 (2019) Golden Sword - Heavy List
  • Panteria (2019) Novice Tournament 2nd Place - Heavy List
  • 100 Minutes War (2019) Spearman - Heavy List
  • GNEW 32 (2018) Bridge Battles - Heavy List

Event Staff

  • Deputy Facilities for GNEW 34 (2022)

In Case of Court

  • Surprises are preferred