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Fencing or Rapier Combat

These terms refer to the practice of late period sword-fighting as practiced in the SCA and the East.


The most typical weapon used is a dull and rubber-tipped rapier or schlager, though a variety of various weapons and defensive objects are often employed. Other weapons include daggers, sabers, longswords, and others. Defensive objects used are broadly sorted into either rigid objects, such as bucklers or canes, and non-rigid objects, such as cloaks or padded items.

Armor consists of three different types. Rigid protection, such as a mask and gorget, is required on the most vital areas on the body. Puncture-resistant material is required to cover the torso and major arteries. The rest of the body must be covered with material that will not be snagged or torn by small burrs that may occur on the blades.

For detailed information, refer to the official East Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules.

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