Fastriðr Hrothgarsdottir Receives the Queen's Cypher Once More

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Written in drottkvaett by Magnús hvalmagi - the award was given at Gulf Wars in 2014

At the fjord-battles, Fastriðr Hrothgarsdottir was called before the king and queen. The skald said this:

Twice went the winter
(by word-fame was burden-
laden linden gladdened)
since limb-bearer wearing
the arm-fire of Freyja
(flame of serpent-tamer
broken for branch-maker)
bent to hold her gold-gift.

Ancient Ölvir's wine-cup,
ever-filling, spilling
golden wave-crest wildly,
waters gleeful tree-roots.
Laboring-elms alms-gift,
Eastern Aesir praise-fit
finding, award word-fame
and wyrm-flame famous.

Then she was given a gift bearing the Queen's cypher. It was the thirteenth day of March, fourty-eight years after the settling.
© Peter Olsen