Fastriðr Hrothgarsdottir Receives the Queen's Cypher

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Written in kvithuhattr by Magnús hvalmagi

Fastriðr Hrothgarsdottir attended the Freimarkt Fair, in the Barony of the Bridge. While there, the King and Queen held court and called her forward. The skald spoke these words:

A queen’s cares
are carried long -
burdened elm’s
branches are full.
Few are found
to fix their bend -
level the weeds -
lessen the straining.

Fastriðr’s work
is worn by liege -
linden’s leaves
layered on bark
of East elm
aid and shelter
sturdy trunk -
a stately veil.

A great gift
is given today -
the elm’s fruit
falls to linden’s
roots, the sweet
riches feeding
and giving life
to laboring tree.

Then, Queen Avelina gave Fastriðr Hrothgarsdottir a token bearing her royal cypher. It was the twenty-second day of September, fourty-seven years after the Settling of the Society.
© Peter Olsen