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Resides: Riding of Ravensbridge
Status: Active
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Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch
No Offices Held.


Lady Eyia's first event was Great Northeastern War in July of potentially 2007. Welcomed by MacFarland, she spent several summers casually attending this event until she decided to branch out and get more involved. She started by researching and sewing her own garments and over the years has done battle with many a yardage of linen and wool in the quest to hone her seamstressing skills and create a vast wardrobe. She has attended many a GNEW in her native lands but has also been known to travel to the great market at Birka, as well as making the great pilgrimage to Pennsic, a place that many call home.

It was during these events that she was taken in by House Blackthorne and ultimately asked to become a member of the household. Working diligently to uphold the honor of her house, Lady Eyia strives to help out where she can and has recently taken to the archery range to defend her homelands from interlopers.


Born in the mid-10th century in what is now the Orkney Islands, Eyia claims both Nordic and Celtic lineage. Her father plied the sea for his trade, and her mother was oft left in charge of maintaining the household while Eyia's father was away. As a young woman, Eyia often roved around the island where she was born, exploring the natural world and learning from it. Inquisitive, with a quick, clever (and sometimes sharp) wit, Eyia quickly earned the moniker "Fox", which in her mother tongue translates to "Refr". Unsatisfied with the prospect of remaining on the islands forever, Eyia struck out from the port of Birgisherað (Or Birsay as it known as now) and headed for the mainland to see what adventures might be found there.

Interests within the SCA

  • Archery
  • Choir
  • Creating Garb
  • Cooking
  • Shenanigans

Offices & Positions

Ethereal Co-Chronicler for House Blackthorne
MIT- 2023


Member of House Blackthorne
Part of Angelline Corbet's Pirate Crew
Yeoman to: Lord Magnus Surtsson

Projects & Publications

Province of Malagentia Moonstone Cover, Winter Issue 2015

In Case of Court

Please notify members of House Blackthorne or her sister Herdis Harvadottir


Anyone needing to contact may use the following email:

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