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East Kingdom Events in 1992

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Start Date End Date Event RP Territory Location
06/06/1992 The Feast of the Sated Sultan 1992 Barony of Concordia of the Snows Schenectady, NY
06/06/1992 Celtic Uprising II 1992 Canton of Keep by the Endless Sea Freehold, NJ
06/06/1992 Cookie War 1992 Barony of Knight's Crossing Worms, Germany
06/05/1992 06/07/1992 Feast of the Stag 1992 Shire of Montevale Fort Loudon, PA
06/05/1992 06/07/1992 Hall of the Mountain King/ Aethelmearc Investiture 1992 Shire of Nithgaard Woodward, PA
06/05/1992 06/07/1992 Boredom War VI: Pillage the Village 1992 Shire of Quintavia Hopkinton, MA
06/05/1992 06/07/1992 Aethelmearc Curia 1992 Shire of Nithgaard Woodward, PA
06/05/1992 06/07/1992 M&R War 1992 Incipient Shire of Havre des Glaces Ile d'Orleans, QC
06/12/1992 06/14/1992 Third Rivendell Challenge and War Camp 1992 Shire of Bowman's Rest Cromwell, CT
06/12/1992 06/14/1992 Noble Blade Prize Tournament 1992 Shire of Vielburgen Kaiserslautern, Germany
06/13/1992 Spring Fencing Frenzy 2.5: The Smell of Steel 1992 Shire of Iron Bog Swedesboro, NJ
06/13/1992 Sheep Beware! The Vikings vs. the Scots 1992 Canton of Lofty Mountain Ansted, WV
06/13/1992 Cloak and Dagger 1992 Incipient Shire of Lough Devnaree Dublin, Ireland
06/12/1992 06/14/1992 Regional War Practice 1992 Dominion of Myrkfaelinn Ithica, NY
06/20/1992 06/21/1992 Solstice Celebration 1992 Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Riverhead, NY
06/19/1992 06/21/1992 Border War 1992 Shire of Coill Tuar Montgomery, NY
06/20/1992 Weapons Proficiency Tourey/ Pikestaff Foundraiser 1992 College of Cour d'Or Economy, PA
06/20/1992 Investiture of Gareth and Joann 1992 Shire of Rabenstein Buchenbeuren, Germany
06/20/1992 06/21/1992 Baronial Champions Tournament 1992 Barony of Rhydderich Hael Sherman, NY
06/19/1992 06/21/1992 Midsummer Tourney 1992 Barony of Stonemarche Canterbury, NH
06/26/1992 06/28/1992 King's and Queens Archery Champions 1992 RP Barony of Carillion Lakehurt, NJ
06/26/1992 06/28/1992 Les Chantes Au Bois 1992 Barony of Carolingia Hopkinton, MA
06/27/1992 06/28/1992 Court of Perilous Passage 1992 Shire of Hartshorn-dale Coatsville, PA
06/27/1992 Aethelmearc Coronet Tourney 1992 Incipient Shire of Herontir Mayville, NY
06/27/1992 Return of the Sea Monsters 1992 Incipient Shire of Lough Devnaree Ireland
06/26/1992 06/28/1992 Summer Solstice Celebration 1992 Barony of Ruantallan Pictou, NS

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