Estienne de Bellefaye

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Estienne de Bellefaye
Resides: Canton of Broken Bridge
Status: Active
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Estienne de Bellefaye is a new member of the SCA. He lives in the Canton of Brokenbridge, and is a member of the House of the Lotus. He is a classically trained singer, and has expressed an interest in armored fighting. He is new to the SCA, and eager to make a name for himself on and off the battlefield. Estienne is a member of the Opera Dell’Est, the East Kingdom College of Performers, Clan Blue Feather, and the Knowne World Courtesan Guild (as a patron).


Estienne de BelleFaye is a military retainer to the House of the Lotus, and is the cousin of Sayyida Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya. He was raised in France by a merchant (Laila’s uncle) who had converted from Judaism to Catholicism in order to marry a wealthy heiress with a title.

Estienne is a bon vivant who traveled to Persia in order to live the good life and explore foreign luxury. For a time, he was Bahja al-Azraq’s patron, but he was cut off by his parents due to of his out-of-control spending. Now, thanks to his cousin Laila’s generosity, he is gainfully employed, and though he has not quite given up his old ways, his spending, at least, seems to be under control.

In Case of Court

If Estienne is to be called up in court, please inform another member of the House of the Lotus so that someone can make sure he is present.

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