Esmeria De Rus

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Resides: Owlsherst
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Purpure, a caldera gringolada barry Or and sable, the serpents argent.

(Fieldless) A distaff purpure
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Silver Nautilus
Minister of Arts and Science


Esmeria's first SCA event was in October 2013, Shire Wars III. She shot her first bow, went to her first classes, met much of the cook's guild and was entranced by the raw enthusiasm for do-it-yourself crafting in the areas of brewing, garb, and camping gear.

If you met Esmeria before 2016 she was called Emerald Unudottir (AoA is under this name), but eventually changed her mind and was officially named Esmeria De Rus in summer of 2016, along with getting her device and badge approved.

Member of the unofficial Owlsherst Taster's Guild (often observed following the Owlsherst Cook's guild into pre-cooks). Budding member of the Narrowwork Guild, recently renamed to the Worshipful Company of Narrowworkers.

Over the years Esmeria has settled into helping at events usually at the event precook's, crafts for event decorations, teaching a few classes and recently organizing fundraising activities and/or A&S activities at local events.

When she isn't helping at events shes likely hand-sewing garb, looking for new things to learn especially related to fiber arts in all forms, or researching a new A&S project to improve her friends or family's garb.

(lack of) Persona

Esmeria does not have a defined persona, this name was selected for personal reasons and does not indicate a late spanish persona as the name's origins suggest.

Esmeria does not adhere to a specific timeframe or location, she wears garb from many areas. She is interested in the histories, arts, decor, and garb of all viking areas/times, early period Mongolian, early period Korean, earlier period Ottoman and earlier period Persian. She is most likely seen wearing some type of viking garb as this is the area she has done the most research.

Offices & Positions

  • Minister of Arts & Sciences, Shire of Owlsherst, Southern Region of the East Kingdom, May 2018 to May 2020

Event Staff

Esmeria is not usually part of the formal event staff, she prefers to help out during events during clean up, precooks, fund-raising, or helping teachers set up/break down classes. Teacher for multiple events, usually teaching how to make an item of garb or fiber arts, lately lots of different head coverings/hats from different times/places.

Specific event staff items:

  • A&S Coordination (helper), Shire Wars VIII, Oct 2018

Projects & Publications

Esmeria prefers to create art and does not enjoy documenting her work beyond photos on Pinterest (emeraldjaded) or Instagram (heck_on_training_wheels).

Esmeria contributed to the winning A&S project entry for Shire of Owlshert team entry into the (Atlantian Kingdom contest event) Revenge of the Stitch V, April 2018.

Esmeria contributed to the winning A&S project entry for Shire of Owlshert team entry into the (Atlantian Kingdom contest event) Revenge of the Stitch IV, April 2017. Esmeria and all team members were awarded the Atlantian Silver Nautilus award [1] "The Award of the Silver Nautilus honors and recognizes those who have distinguished themselves by an extraordinary achievement in the Arts and Sciences." Esmeria was later awarded the East Kingdom Order of the Silver Brooch [2] for this achievement and other fiber arts related A&S activities such as teaching fiber arts related classes at local events.

In Case of Court

Esmeria prefer's to meet in private when possible, she does not enjoy crowds or public speaking.