Eseld An Goarnic

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Eseld an Goarnic in a red Tudor kirtle, displaying her work at the East Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, A.S. 58.

Eseld an Goarnic in a red Tudor kirtle, displaying her work at the East Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, A.S. 58.
Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry not yet registered
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Well met! I’ve baked you some fresh bread, but you best keep your wits or I’ll win it back at the card table.


Eseld was born to Cornish parents in Breizh (Brittany to the rest of the Known World). Trained as a tailor and gifted in the archival arts, she was poised for a life of erudition when a merry band of mercenaries whisked her away on campaign. Craving the comforts of home, she does her best to recreate them in tents, taverns, and wherever else the crewe might lay their heads. Her skills at cooking, pattern cutting, note taking, and general mood setting have earned her the byname “an Goarnic”: “the little housekeeper”.

Eseld is also a keen carouser, ever prepared to sing a jaunty tune or sweep a round of Gluckhaus. Her fondness for pretty things is her foremost vice, and soldiers carry ever so many!

Occasionally, for purposes of espionage, Eseld assumes the guise of Mercy Johnson, a settler of New Plimoth in the year 1627.

Projects & Publications

Eseld is a skilled seamstress and pattern maker who prides herself on attention to detail. She hand-sews all her own clothing as well as that of her lovers, Nikolai Tsepelin and Sylvain du Soleil. Of particular interest to her is women’s supportive undergarments and their evolution from the 14th century and beyond. A selection of her work is as follows:



  • Shire of Mountain Freehold Arts & Sciences Champion, September 2023
  • Late Period Champion, Birka Fashion Show, January 2024
  • Order of the Silver Brooch, March 2024

Other Interests

Eseld is fascinated by folklore and associated ritual practice from around the Known World. She particularly loves the British Isles art of mumming and is well known for her Samhain celebrations. She is also interested in language and its evolution. Competent in Latin and French, she enjoys reading primary sources and comparing translations. Her archive of ancient and medieval given names has over one thousand entries.

Other Historical Endeavors

Eseld's great-to-the-10th grandniece, Skye Makaris, is a living history educator at the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum. She also serves as Head of Costume at the Museum, and has lectured in this capacity on working women's dress. She is a distaff member of Warner's Recreated Regiment, which portrays a Vermont militia in the year 1777.

Classes Taught

  • Draping 14th-Century Fitted Gowns, October 2019
  • Women’s Supportive Undergarments through the Ages, July 2022
  • English Given Names Before, During, and After the Protestant Reformation, March 2023
  • Pad-Stitching for Fitted Supportive Undergarments, February 2024

In Case of Court

Eseld loves surprises, but, regrettably, does not attend court frequently enough to allow them. Please summon her either by writ or by contacting Nikolai Tsepelin and Sylvain du Soleil.

Her name is pronounced ee-SELD an GWAR-nig.