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Founded: 2009
Status: Active
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Like most groups, the Endewearde Brewers’ Guild started out as a casual invitation to a person’s house for discussing a common interest. So it was that Lady Sylvia du Vey invited others from her Shire to her house many years ago to talk about mead and brewing in general. Over time, participants have come and gone, but two aspects have remained the same, Lady Sylvia usually calls and hosts the meetings and the group has held a potables competition at The Hunt event, annually.

Since Lady Sylvia and other brewers from Endewearde attended “The Seventeenth not-so Annual East Kingdom Brewer Collegium, March 7th & 8th, 2009 in Northpass (Peekskill, NY), the group talked more seriously about forming a guild and started to call themselves the Endewearde Brewers’ Guild with Lady Sylvia as the Guild Mistress.

The Endewearde Brewers’ Guild (EBG) continues to meet casually to discuss home brewing in the SCA. Topics are usually generated from discussion between guild members, though anyone who calls a meeting is welcome to choose a topic or focus. Past topics have been on documentation, redaction, brewing methods, and brewing projects; though a bit of tasting is always included! (Mundane laws are observed.)

The purpose of the EBG is shared knowledge and learning. Members are encouraged to participate in guild meetings and different types of brewing events, classes, and competitions so that there is an "Endeweardian" presence at those activities whenever possible. Participants are also encouraged to share notes, results, and what they have learned in order to help others progress as quickly as possible in their learning and skills.

The Guild successfully hosted "The Reinvention of the East Kingdom Brewer Collegium" (BrewU) March 20 to April 1, 2012. Over 30 brewers attended several classes, discussions, and a roundtable. Masters of the East Kingdom Brewer's Guild held a panel to elevate and rank brewers in the Kingdom. An article in the Kennebec Journal was very positive in reporting the event.

On March 31, 2012, Mistress Suzanne Neuber de Londres appointed Mistress Sylvia du Vey as her successor as East Kingdom Brewers' Guild Mistress. In turn, Mistress Sylvia named Braumeister Otto Gottlieb as her replacement as Endewearde Brewers' Guild Warden on April 21, 2012. Braumeister Otto stepped down as Warden October 13th 2019 appointing Vrouwe Lijsbet van Catwiic and Lord Thomas de Marr' as co-Wardens.



You may contact Lord Thomas via email (here) or find him on Facebook at You may contact Vrouwe Lijsbet van Catwiic (here) or find her on Facebook at Please also visit the Barony of Endewearde's website here.

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