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The Elmet Herald serves as Heraldic Education Deputy to the East Kingdom's Brigantia Herald.

The Elmet Herald website contains a variety of heraldic education materials, most notably the East Kingdom Herald University (EKHU) series of record video classes.

Early Elmet Heralds played a more general role as Brigantia deputy or external commenting herald before the position was redefined as specifically focused on heraldic education some time after 2000. For more information, see History of the East Kingdom Heralds.

Origin of the Name

According to Steffan ap Kennydd: "The Elmet position was created specifically for Baron Alfgar the Sententious, the third Principal Herald of the East and first to style himself Brigantia, upon his retirement as principal herald."

The name of the office is a reference to the Kingdom of Elmet, a successor to Brigantia. The Kingdom of Brigantia was conquered by the Romans around the second century, but after the Romans left in the fourth century, the small Kingdom of Elmet emerged in the southern portion of what had previously been Brigantia and continued until it was overrun by the Angles early in the seventh century.

According to Steffan ap Kennydd: "The joke has always been that no, an Elmet is not what an ‘Erald wears on ‘is ‘ead."

Elmet Heralds of the East Kingdom

This list of office holders is incomplete.

Name Start Date End Date
Alfgar the Sententious January 1977 Unknown
Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane Circa 1981? July 1983
Steffan ap Cenydd of Silverwing July 1983 Unknown
Elsbeth Anne Roth Circa 1992? Unknown
Ulric von der Insel March 1999 Early 2005
Lyle FitzWilliam March 2005? Unknown
Alys Mackyntoich January 2009 March 2012?
Yehuda ben Moshe February 2013 June 2015
Martyn de Halliwell June 2015 August 2018
Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin August 2018 December 2022
Alys Mackyntoich December 2022

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