Elias Gedney

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Captain Elias - courtesy of Cateline La Broderesse
Resides: DragonshipHaven
Status: Curent
Awards: Order of Precedence
Argent, on a fess sable between three leopards faces caboshed gules, three trefoils slipped Or.
Award & Office Badges
Pennsic University Chancellor, DragonshipHaven Chatelaine (Former), DragonshipHaven Rapier Marshal (Former), DragonshipHaven A&S Minister (Former), Seneschal - Canton of DragonFord (Former), Seneschal - Canton of DragonForge (Former), Seneschal - Canton of Giant's Gate (Former)


Capt. Elias Gedney (AKSCA - Brandub Magoireachtaigh)

Elias is the current Chancellor of Pennsic University.

Having joined the SCA in 1077 (AS 11) Elias/Brandu has been involved at all levels, most particularly in his work with the various cantons of DragonshipHaven, and as Baronial Rapier Marshal and A&S Minister.

Elias has his AOA, and is a member of the Order of the Maunche (for Nautical Studies - the "Nauti-Maunche"), the Order of the Laurel, and the Order of the Pelican.


Elias Gedney is the second son of a family of liveried Drapers (wool merchants) based in the wool town of Norwich. Having served the family business as a factor in the port town of Yarmouth for a few years, he acquired from the town a Dutch lugger that had foundered on the sand bars just outside the mouth of the Yare. There he set up as a coasterman, taking short haul cargo trade along the eastern coast of England, from Hull to the Thames estuary, and as across the Channel to Calais and Amsterdam. His principle cargoes are Salted Herring (product of the annual Herring Fair in Yarmouth), Worsteds from Norwich, and Dyestuffs and soap from France. During the annual Herring Fair, he makes a good money hosting herring speculators from Scotland. He occasionally takes passengers and the odd shipment that is delivered to small inlets, out of sight of the Queens impost.

He has second floor apartments at 2 South Quay, near Blackfriars in Yarmouth town. Elias is married to the daughter of a business contact from the "steelyard" (the Hanseatic League), she is a woman of Norweigian extraction, and barely speaks English (during the Herring Fair, she says with her fathers family, as she finds the Catholic Scotsmen appalling. Elias is a protestant in good standing but, being a businessman before all else, tolerates the papists for their money.)

The Ship, "the Wycked Bitche", is about 74 feet LOA, and has a regular contracted crew of 9 men and two boys.

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