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Eleanor Catlyng
Resides: Carolingiia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Argent, on a chief embattled azure, a panther passant argent, spotted azure, incensed Or
Award & Office Badges
Moon, Daystar (Carolingia); Silver Crescent, Maunche (Kingdom); Sovereign's Cypher (Thorson); Consort's Honor of Distinction (Jana, Thyra, Avelina); Pelican, Laurel (Society)
Principal of the Order of the Moon (Carolingia, Arts)


Mistress Eleanor Catlyng (formerly Eleanor of Southebanke, she/her). Active since AS XXVII(1992).


Eleanor Catlyng (formerly Eleanor of Southebanke, she/her), sometimes known as Léonor, was born in Spring 1574, a terribly warm day for the season, to an English mother and a French father. Her father, Roland, a merchant, met her mother Catherine in Dover, where Catherine lived with her parents, well-to-do craftspeople. She was in her late teenaged years when her mother passed away and her father brought her to Calais to live with his widowed sister while he traveled. (He never did get along with Catherine's family, and rathered that his only child not live with them after her mother died.) Soon after bringing her to Calais, her father left on a new voyage, one from which he is yet to return. To earn her keep, she went to work at Le Poulet Gauche, where her aunt was familiar with the innkeeper's son. M. Jehan du Lac was quick to take a liking to Léonor (aka Eleanor), and when her aunt died after a year or so, took her into his famille; he even contributed to her dowry on occasion, so that she might "find better prospects in a husband" than her most steady admirer. This dowry did naught to dissuade her, however, and she has long consorted with one Gaius Quinctilius Alopex (formerly Fergus MacRae). Leonor boasts of her early education in reading and writing and keeps a sharp ear out for news of her father.

Mistress Eleanor Catlyng (she/her) has been known in the Society since September of AS XXVII (27) and has long been resident in the Barony of Carolingia in the Kingdom of the East. She joined while studying at the Burrough of Southebanke (Boston University), but has since settled within bounds of the Canton of Aschehyrst (now in abeyance). She has been rewarded for her service at the Baronial, Kingdom, and Society levels and for her arts at the same, primarily for her work as a scribe specializing in late period Elizabethan court documents. She is often found running or volunteering at gate at local events, teaching classes, retaining, running vigils, or working in kitchens. She has worn the mantle of both Deputy Seneschale and Seneschale of Carolingia, as well as being its Chronicler (The Carolingian Minuscule). Eleanor was briefly the Exchequer of the Canton of Aschehyrst prior to its abeyance and served as the Provost of Southebanke while there. She is currently the Principal of the Carolingian Order of the Moon (Arts). When it was active, she worked as a stage manager for the Baron's Players (a theatre group under the patronage of Baron Jehan in Carolingia). At various times she has also served in deputy roles for the East Kingdom Signet (new scribes, schola, and emergency deputies) and was one of the head retainers for Thorson and Svava. Over the years, she has received various other recognitions of her work at the Kingdom Level. In the more distant past, she was also an authorized fencer. She is one of the original members of the group known as "Sharc Pit" with whom she camps at Pennsic.

Offices & Positions

Carolingian Offices:

  • Provost (Southebanke) from AS XXXI-XXXIV (1994-1996)
  • Chronicler (Carolingia) from AS XXXIV-XXXVI (1996-2002)
  • Deputy Seneschale (Carolingia), from AS XXXIV-XXXVI (1996-2002)
  • Senechale (Carolingia), from AS XXXVI - XLIII (2002-2008)
  • Exchequer (Aschehyrst), from AS LI-LIII (2017-2019)
  • Principal of the Order of the Moon (Arts) from AS LV (2021-present) .

Signet Offices (2012-2017):

  • New Scribes Deputy (under Khionya, Kayleigh, and Nest)
  • Schola Deputy (under Khionya)
  • Emergency Deputy (under Khionya).


Event Staff

  • Frequent head of gate and reservations for events.
  • Sometimes kitchen assistant.
  • Sometimes teacher of classes.
  • Sometimes vigil planner and runner of "the book".
  • Sometimes minister and runner of fencing lists.

My records are far from complete on this matter!

Projects & Publications

  • Stage Manager for the Baron's Players, Carolingia: Midsummer Night's Dream, the Tempest, and other plays and scenes from Shakespeare.
  • Classes on scribal (usually calligraphy, but also wording and layout), running gate and reservations for events, and accessibility in the SCA.
  • More scrolls than I can possibly count at this point.
  • Carolingian Minuscule, layout and all general announcements and short articles not otherwise attributed, 1996-2002 (while Chronicler).
  • "The Birth and Life of an East Kingdom Scroll", East Kingdom Gazette, 2014.
  • "A Memorial Role for Their Majesties", East Kingdom Gazette, 2015. The final project included contributions from many scribes, including Eleanor.

In Case of Court

Whatever works best for those around me - don't stress over keeping things a secret, but I don't mind a surprise. Also, to scribes, I really like my arms, but I realize they are a PITA to draw and paint. Don't feel like you need to include them! I do like fun little in jokes, however, like the "Super Shiny Tiger of Doing Things" on my Laurel Scroll (thanks Eva and Khionya).

On the other hand, I really enjoy helping others' dreams for receiving an award be realized. I'm happy to help in any way, and along with Nataliia, I am part of the "Crack Vigil Team" for Sharc Pit, friends, and other affiliated folks.

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