Elżbieta Piekarska

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Resides: Rusted Woodlands
Status: Deceased
Awards: Order of Precedence
Gules, on a pale argent masoned sable, a torteau.
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Pani Elżbieta Piekarska was brought into the SCA by the enthusiasm of her children and found her place doing what she loved - cooking. At times she helped prep for events that she wasn't even able to attend! Aside from cooking she also enjoyed the needle arts.


Elżbieta is the long suffering wife of Jan Starszy and raised a family and ran the house during his long absences at sea. To supplement and steady the household income, Jan built a small oven on their bit of property in which she bakes breads for sale in the neighborhood of the seafarers. She will also, on occasion, rent those ovens to those in need because they are entertaining guests.

Shockingly literate for a woman she has a keen interest in poetry, which Jan indulges on occasion with the purchase of the occasional book.

Event Staff

  • Winter Storm a.s. XVIII (Anglespur) - prep staff
  • King's Birthday a.s. XXIII (Iron Bog) - prep staff
  • The Wedding of Jan and Rosamund a.s. XXIV (Iron Bog) - Kitchen Staff
  • Magnus and Farasha's Wedding a.s. XXV (Iron Bog) - Kitchen Staff

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