Ekkehardt of Oakenwode

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Caption Needed
Resides: Shire of Hadchester
Status: Semi-Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the LaurelCompanion of the Order of the MauncheCompanion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant


Ekkehardt is a Germanic tribesman serving as a Roman auxiliary. He has served in the armies of the Crown for more than 21 years and hopes to receive his citizenship and farm soon.

Offices & Positions

  • East Kingdom Siege Earl Marshal, c. early 2000s.
  • Northern Regional Combat Archery Marshal, c. early 2000s.
  • Order of the Laurel, 09/29/2001.
  • Companion of the Maunche, 07/04/1998.
  • Companion of the Tygers Combattant, 10/30/2004.
  • Award of Arms, 04/11/1987.
  • King's Order of Excellence, 08/19/1993.

Projects & Publications

Maker of Roman saddles, equestrian equipment, and the occasional boat. Mundanely, Ekk is a professional blacksmith and boatbuilder who finds his modern and SCAdian interests dovetail all too well.


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