Edwyn le Clerc

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Taken at Magna Faire, Meridies, December 2016
Resides: Barony of Buckland Cross
Status: Active
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Edwyn le Clerc Arms.jpg
Argent, a book open and in chief a feather fesswise, within a bordure wavy azure.
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I first joined the SCA in the late 1980s. I became inactive shortly thereafter, and remained so until 2015, when I joined the Canton of Forestgate within the Barony of Carillion. As of September of 2017, I have been resident in the Barony of Iron Mountain, in the Kingdom of Meridies. After a two year stint in Meridies, I have returned to the East Realm and am currently (as of November, 2022) living in the Barony of Buckland Cross


The third son (and fourth child) of a Welsh woman and an Anglo-French knight, Edwyn was educated at Dore Abbey in Herefordshire. He declined to actually join the order of Cistercian Monks who ran the establishment, and took to traveling, vising such far-away places as Constantinople, Athens, Angoulême, Bordeaux, Vienna, Frankfurt, Utrecht, and even the great Moorish city of Grenada. He now sells his services as tutor, which allows him to continue his journeying between jobs.

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Herald at-Large in the East Kingdom.

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