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This article is meant as a way to get you, the inexperienced EKWiki user to have a persona page that is informative and readable. This is not meant to be a definitive guide on the WikiMedia platform.

Wiki Overview

  • A Wiki is a quick to edit Online Information repository
  • The most famous of the Wikis is Wikipedia
  • Wiki’s are made to be quick to edit, but can support very complex formatting and layouts if necessary

The East Kingdom Wiki

Accessing your EK Wiki

  • If you have not already done so, please follow the account request procedure.
  • Go to any EK Wiki Page and click "Log In" in the upper right hand corner
  • Enter the username and password you chose as part of the account request process.
  • Click on your account name in the center right
  • You should now be at your initial persona page. This is the starting point of your profile!

Wiki Tabs

  • The default view on most Wiki pages is the Article: Read view.
    • This is shows the article in the format that anyone visiting the page would see
  • The next tab is either the View Source (if you don't have permission to edit or are not logged in) or the Edit Tab
    • This tab allows you to view the Wiki Code of any page. This is very powerful as it allows for fast copy & paste from articles that might features or content that you might want to re-use
    • Please avoid editing other member's Persona pages without their permission.
  • The third commonly used tab is the "View History" Tab
    • This tab lets you view/link previous versions of a Wiki Article

The Populace Template

  • Most profiles will be created with a link to Template talk:Populace , which contains suggestions an a lot of copy able code to get you started
  • It covers a lot of the Persona Categories as well as linking to the Awards & Offices Template articles

Building a Basic Persona

First Edits

Text and Templates

Basic Pictures and Media

Assigning Persona Categories

Linking Awards

Linking Office

Expanding and refining a Persona

Case Senitivity and Pipes

Collapsing Sections

Doing more with Photos and Media


Combining Wiki Elements

Wiki Formatting Examples