Dunlaíth ingean Donnchada

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Dúnlaith at birka
Resides: Riding of Giggleswick
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Dunlaith ingen donnchada-device.jpg
my heraldry
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Mantle
Thrown Weapons Marshal


(I used to play as Dhanwanti of Varanasi but have changed cultures/names)

14th century female from the highlands of scotland from the village of Struan. Most people call me Dhani..

I am interested in weaving, spinning,finger loop braiding, kumihimo ,embroidery (very basic stuff), leathercraft (again very beginner).

I am a warranted TW Marshal living in the Canton of the Towers

Activity and Information

Sca Persona history

Former shire of quintavia tw marshall

Former Shire of Quintavia web minister (late 1990s)

Former ek tw scorekeeper

In case of court:

Please contact Damian MacWard

I do not wish to receive awards during ethereal court. Thank you for respecting my wishes.

Please do not tell me what I am receiving

Please let the TW Community know (specifically the central region)

If possible scroll in Scots Gaelic