Drustan of Old Stonebridges

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Although Drustan (pronounced DREW-stan) was aware of and interested in the SCA for almost twenty years, his first event wasn’t until Spring of 2018 at the Tournament of the Daffodils. Since then, he has found a love of the bardic arts, fencing, and the wonderful people in the SCA that have made him feel at home. Drustan resides in the Shire of Old Stonebridges (formerly Nordenfjord).

Within the Bardic Arts, Drustan has a special passion for storytelling and poetry, especially pieces that he has written himself. He especially enjoys fairy tales and fables. Musically, he comes from a folk and blues guitar background (or as he says, “a family of hippies”). He is interested in expanding his range and learning period music and instruments.

In his mundane life, Drustan is a professional novelist and teacher. He has had four novels published, with his fifth due in 2021. His short fiction has been collected in several anthologies and magazines over the years. He was also a music journalist for five years and was once sweat on by Pete Seeger.

Drustan's mka is Craig Sanders. He is engaged to Katie Wilt.


Drustan has not yet settled on a persona. He has taken an interest in 12th and 13th Century Ireland, specifically the areas around Wexford or Waterford.

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  • Deputy Chatelaine, East Kingdom College of Performers, 08/15/2020 to Current
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In Case of Court

Please contact Katie Wilt or any member of the Shire of Old Stonebridges.

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