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Kingdom of Drachenwald
Or, in fess three pine trees eradicated gules, overall a dragon passant coward, all within a laurel wreath, in chief an ancient crown sable.
Founded: 06/05/1993
Location: Europe, Africa, Middle East

East Kingdom History

Drachenwald was originally formed as a principality of the East, with it's first Prince and Princess crowned in June, AS XV(1980). It became an independent kingdom in June, AS XXVIII (1993).


Name Badge Category Carries Template
Orden Des Lindquistringes Order of the Lindquistringes Service Award of Arms {{Drachenwald Lindquistringes}}
Order of the Panache Order of the Panache Arts Award of Arms {{Drachenwald Panache}}
Order of the Silver Guard Order of the Silver Guard Martial Award of Arms {{Drachenwald SilverGuard}}
Ordo Hirundinis Ordo Hirundinis Service Grant of Arms {{Drachenwald Hirundinis}}
Ordo Cygni Ordo Cygni Arts Grant of Arms {{Drachenwald Cygni}}
Ordo Alae Ordo Alae Martial Grant of Arms {{Drachenwald Alae}}

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