Domesday Book of Bergental

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Domesday Book of Burgental
Domesday Book.jpg
Creation Date: 12/7/19
Maker: Gonzalo Corneille
Status: Active


At his investiture as Baron of Bergental Johannes filius Nicholai appointed Gonzalo Corneille as Court Historian and tasked him with creation of the Domesday Book recording the names of all who have received baronial awards and a place for them to join there fellow by signing in as member of their order. This work was done with the help of previous work on cataloging who had received those awards. This task was completed on December, 7th, 2019 A.S. LIV (54) and presented to the Barony at the Beyond the Mountain and Bergental joint Yule celebration.

Held By

Court Historian for the Barony of Bergental Gonzalo Corneille


Title Page


Order of the Hourglass

Order of the Sable Bear

Order of the Cup of St. Brigid

Stella Maris

On each page the format is

Name Signature Awarded
Pagan Graeme Pagan Graeme date


Behold! Here is the Domesday Book of the Barony of Bergental.
This our mountain valley; brightest jewel in the crown of the East.
Blessed with orders of guiding stars in exploration of this Dream.
Sable Bear; glad warriors armed with Fortitude, Grace, and Honor.
Hourglass; ready teachers, constant students of Science and Art.
Cup of Saint Brigid; graceful and cunning and always of Service.

Leading all are our Stella Maris, gentles recognized for long Service.
Guiding stars on our paths, they are the beating heart of Bergental.
Lighting the way, making learning possible in Service, War or Art.
Marking shoals, their shining light brightens the crown of the East.
These gentles for which being of Service is the first and last Honor.
They are willing guides, if you follow into this our waking Dream.

Order of the Cup of Saint Brigid, whom make possible this Dream.
Be it a progression of Royalty or a cup they are always of Service.
Always ready to help, hold a door or a class with grace and Honor.
They are the fount of chivalry in our mountain valley, Bergental.
Those of Saint Brigid‘s Cup are bright jewels in the crown of the East.
These are gentles for whom Service with grace and honor is an Art.

Order of the Sable Bear, honorable, fierce, unmatched in wars Art.
These good gentles, warriors without compare fight for our Dream.
With sword, shield, engine or axe, spear or bow, fighting for the East.
Their sharpest weapons are; Grace, Honor, Fortitude and Service.
Our glad hearted warriors are the strong right hand of Bergental.
Called, they will stand for the list or the war, always with Honor.

Order of the Hourglass, the makers, teachers, students of our Honor.
With needle pulled thread or paint filled brush, they share their Art.
From places of learning, teaching will always be a part of Bergental.
With a glad heart and open hand they share their part of our Dream.
Their passion and knowledge, only out shone by their joyous Service.
This is the strength of our Barony, and of the Kingdom of the East.

With four stars guide us, standing as a jewel in the crown of the East.
Our Sable Bears; faithful warriors of strength, cunning, and Honor.
Those who bear the Cup of St. Brigid; lighten loads with their Service.
Those of the Hourglass; learned teachers and apt students of all Art.
Stella Maris, showing us the path to our dream with in this Dream.
These are the jewels of our mountain valley, our home, Bergental.

These awards are a Service, that our people are known to the East.
Our valley home of Bergental, Full of people of Service and Honor.
Teaching all Science and Art, Our home is the home of the Dream.

Words by Gonzalo Corneille


Linen rag paper inside page protectors with a leather cover.