Ding Li Ying

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Pennsic 35 - li in peplos-closeup.jpg
Ding Li Ying at Pennsic in 2006
Resides: Yonkers, NY (Canton of Northpass in the Crown Province of Ostgardr)
Awards: Order of Precedence
Ding Li Ying Arms.gif
Azure, a bend sinister Or cotised between two lotus flowers in profile argent [Registered Blazon]
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger Queen's Order of Courtesy
  • 04/30/2005 Golden Tyger
  • 04/14/2007 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Jana IV)


Ding Li Ying Nu Shr

I have been a scribe in the East Kingdom since 2002. I love working in different styles including, but not limited to: Asian, Celtic, Italian (especially Visconti Hours), Dutch, French & English. I'd like to do more diapering, white work and tooled gold. I am also interested in bookbinding, some leather working, henna body art, soap making, Viking wire knitting, cross stitching and free embroidery.

In 2004, at Boredom War, I became an apprentice to Michel Almond de Champagne. I am a member of Duchy Von Drachenklaue and The Silver Horde.

Mundanely, I am a Civil Engineer by trade and an Area Manager by profession at a local utility in Substation Construction. I completed my MBA in 2008. Even though I have a technical background, my love is still in the arts. Through my corporate employer, I am able to volunteer for a number of activities involving the arts.

I also enjoy henna body art (also known as mehndi) and work at several Renaissance faires during the year applying henna. I also enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, making jewelry, drumming (Doumbek) and reading.


Ding Li Ying is the daughter of a Chinese merchant and a Mongol noblewoman. In her childhood, she traveled with her parents and brother wherever her father’s trade would take them. From her travels, she picked up the love and appreciation of the arts from Europe as well as Asia and took to dabbling in the scribal arts. While traveling she encountered the Silver Horde, and travels with them as a scribe, bookbinder and soap maker.

One day in her travels, she came across a Frenchwoman, Mistress Michel, who was kind of heart and generous in spirit. Li took to traveling with Mistress Michel and her workshop in a quest to gain knowledge in the arts and sciences.

Offices & Positions

  • Scribe, East Kingdom, 8/02 to present
  • Tyger Signet Deputy of Recruitment
    • Tyger Signet Deputy of New Scribes, East Kingdom, 12/05 - 4/06
    • Tyger Signet Deputy of Education, East Kingdom, 12/05 - 1/07
    • Tyger Signet Deputy of Special Projects, East Kingdom, 3/05 - 12/07

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Bookbinding - King's & Queen's Bardic Champions (Nordenhalle) - 2/25/06
  • Beginner Calligraphy & Illumination - Warrior's Nadam (Northpass) - 10/16/10
  • Beginner Middle Eastern Drumming - Warrior's Nadam (Northpass) - 10/16/10

Projects & Publications

  • Coloring Book of Illuminated Capitals - Organizer & artist - 2005
  • Playing Card Project - Gifted to Their Royal Majesties Thorson & Svava - 2005
  • Unicorn Project - Gifted to Their Royal Majesties Lucan VII and Jan IV - 9/30/06

More Information

Naming Convention

Ding Li Ying Nu Shr

Chinese names almost always have three parts. The first name is always the surname. The second name is the given name and the third name is the generation name. A generation name means that all the siblings and cousins of the same sex have the same generation name, that is, if I had a sister and a first cousin on my dad’s side we would all have the same generation name.

Ding (Mandarin) = literally translates to “nail”, but it is also a very common surname in Chinese and is well documented back several centuries.

Li Ying = is the name that my grandfather gave me. Li = literally translates to "beautiful" Ying - literally translates to "flower" My name means "beautiful flower" which is a very common name for girls.

Nu Shr is the Chinese equivalent to “Lady”. The Chinese are “backwards” in respect to naming convention compared to Europeans as the title is at the end of the name.