Diego del Valle

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Diego at Bhakail Commons 2021
Resides: Shire of Hartshorn-dale
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges


My name is Diego del Valle, and I'm a fencer in Hartshorn-dale. I've been practicing SCA fencing since 2002, although I wasn't really active in the Society until 2020.


Diego was born in Mexico City in the late 16th century. His family was descended from a former lieutenant of Hernan Cortés and the male family members had always prided themselves on their martial prowess. As a young man, Diego left Mexico City to seek fame and fortune. Adopting the name Diego del Valle after his birthplace, the Valle de México, he fell in with a pirate company that lived on the outskirts of the Shire of Coldwood. There, he was taught how to fence by the pirate lords Eren O’Kerrigan and Bertram Cyrano Hercule Sauvignon du Supernault. The pirate company invaded, pillaged, and reaved throughout Coldwood, Northern Outpost, and L'ile du Dragon Dormant for over ten years before disbanding. Diego then briefly moved south and tried to live the quiet life outside the Barony of Tir-y-Don in Atlantia before heeding the call to adventure and emigrating back to the East Kingdom. Diego currently lives in Hartshorn-dale.

Offices & Positions

  • Baronial Rapier Champion, Barony of Bhakail, 08/29/2021 to present

Event Staff

  • Demonstrator, Go Fourth! Celebration - Pottstown PA, 07/04/2021
  • Demonstrator, Montgomery County 4-H Fair, Creamery PA, 08/10/2021
  • Demonstrator, Marple Library Demo, Broomall PA, 09/25/2021

More Information

I love talking about historical fencing masters and their techniques (in particular, I'm fascinated by La Verdadera Destreza). If you see me at an event, please talk to me about your favorite fencing master or treatise.