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The Crown Field Guide is an unofficial publication of the East Kingdom designed to help recognize the people fighting in the tourney and the companions who inspire them.

Each entry contains a picture of the combatant in armor, headshots of both the combatant and their consort, and heraldry for both. This way, fighters can be distinguished in and out of armor, unfamiliar heraldry can be identified on the list trees, and consorts and their heraldry are recognized and celebrated. Work on the Field Guide begins as soon as the Crown announces the list and each pair gets final approval of photos used. Heraldry that appears in the guide is not necessarily registered with the college of Heralds, but reflects what the combatant intends to use on the list trees.

Because the East Kingdom is bilingual, every effort is made to provide both English and French content. The Guide is really made possible through the generosity of the East Kingdom photographers who allow us to use their images. Every effort is made to make sure that photographers are given credit for their work and photographers are encouraged to contact the guide if they find their photo has been used and they have not given permission or received credit.

Prior to the Crown Field Guide, the Betting Man's Guide was a publication that listed the entrants in Crown Tourney and offered odds on the chances of each combatant to win the Crown. The odds-makers intended for the Betting Man' Guide to be more humorous than serious and would often poke fun at fighters by giving them crazy odds.

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