Cross and Crescent

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The Cross and Crescent
Founded: A.S. XLVI
Status: Active

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The Shire of Hartshorn-dale once held a Crown Tournament where dayboard was situated in a number of stalls outside of a small stadium. Each stall had a theme for the food to be served there: German, French, etc. Jibril and Mael Eoin collaborated on a stall which presented, essentially, Middle Eastern street food - pita, grilled chicken skewers, grape leaves and the like - prepared on a large fire pit in the back and served to guests in the front (with some platters reserved to the side for tournament combatants as they wandered from the lists).

In order to identify ourselves to all nobility who sought our food as an option for the day, we hung our banners to either side of the stall. To the public's left, Mael Eoin's banner featuring a prominent Maltese cross; to the public's right, Jibril's device with a large stylized crescent (decrescent, officially). This pleased us both, as to one, reading 'properly' left to right, our venture was "The Cross and Crescent". To the other, also reading 'properly', right to left, it was "The Crescent and Cross". Our banter back and forth underlined and capitalized on our stereotypical and misplaced - if not also misremembered - rivalries.


What was a joke one day slowly solidified into a thing. We'd cooked together many times, either as a collaboration or serially at gatherings and events, and people identified us as two of the people to go to when cooking needed to happen. At subsequent events and activities over the years, we kept doing what we'd been doing, but never officially _as_ anything but who we were. There were always others who wanted to collaborate and those who wanted to learn, or maybe just share in the shenanigans of our kitchens, so we look for opportunities to include those who want to join in, however they want to do so.


(...pretty Viking heavy, this kitchen...)