Court Barony

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Any coronet, most commonly a coronet with 6 "pearls" where a pearl is any round bauble.
Award Information
Type: Society Award
Recipients: Court Barons/Baronesses

The crown reserves the right to bestow the title "Court Baron" or "Court Baroness" upon those subjects who exemplify noble demeanor and whose contributions have enriched the Kingdom in unique ways.


  • Baron/Baroness, addressed as "Your Excellency".


  • Any coronet, most commonly a coronet with 6 "pearls" where a pearl is any round bauble.
    • House Runnymede recognizes the tradition found elsewhere in the SCA where former Landed Baroness and Barons may choose to wear 12 "pearls" for those who choose to do so.
  • Court barons and baronesses may display their achievement with a baronial coronet above their arms

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