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Historical Context

People have pretty much always worn clothes. Before the inventions of spinning and weaving, clothing would have been made from skins. Look at Oetzi the Iceman, who is believed to have lived 5700 years ago. He is dressed in skins, but no woven items. There is evidence of twining, sewing and netting among his equipment, but no explicit demonstration of the skills of spinning and weaving. Even his loincloth is made of leather.

By the Roman period, spinning and weaving were familiiar skills and cloth was one of the primary components of clothing. These skills were not lost during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

As time went on, increasingly complex methods of cutting and sewing together cloth for clothing was developed. Nevertheless, the simple, basic tunic cut was not completely lost until long after the SCA period was over, as underclothing into the 18th century was still still based on that basic T-tunic cut.



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