Cosmo and Kis

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Baron Cosmo & Baroness Mika
Baron: Cosimo di Signorelli
Baroness: Kis Maria
Baronage of: Carillion
Preceded by: Mary
Succeeded by: Corcrán and Luned

Baron Cosmo & Baroness Kis Maria created 6 new baronial awards: Order of Sante Ruprecht, Bellina, Iron Bell, Beacon of Carillion, Bell Gules, & Shrouded Bell.

Baron Cosmo awarded special "Favors": Order of the Fish, Recipient of the Cement Shoe, & Ladies/Gentlemen of the Apocalypse (All orders are now closed)

Cosmo & Mika at their investiture


  • The beloved Baron Cosimo di Signorelli passed on June 17, 2011.
  • Divested: on January 17th, A.S. XLVIX (2015) at the joint events of East Kingdom 12th Night, Bellringers, and Baronial Investiture in the Barony of Carillion.

Golden Chime

Each Baron and Baroness give out their own individual Golden Chime.


Cosmo & Mika's Golden Chime was a gold hand bell.

Baron Cosmo's Favors

After ruling the Barony of Carillion for sometime, Lord Cosmo decided he needed to award the "special" people in and around his barony. These "favors" that must carried at all times for all to see their shame, I mean Honour. After the passing of the beloved Baron, all Orders have been closed.

Order of the Fish, a yellow, stuffed fish pillow to help them sleep.

Recipient of the Cement Shoe, a small cement covered shoe to keep them afloat.

Ladies/Gentlemen of the Apocalypse, a yellow, stuffed horses head to keep them company.