Hrafn Breiðskeggr

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Kennari Hrafn, OP
Resides: Canton of Keep by the Endless Sea in the Barony of Carillion
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess argent and sable, two ravens volant to chief and a Thor's hammer counterchanged within a bordure gules

Barry wavy argent and gules, a roundel checky Or and sable.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Pelican


Companion of the Order of the Golden Mantle Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Award of Arms Blue Tyger Legion

Order of the Sable Bell Award of the Golden Chime of Carillion Order of Irons Bell

Chatelaine Knight Marshal Combat Archery Marshal Seneschal Chronicler
FAMILY BADGE (Fieldless) In pale a crescent pendant Or conjoined at the wingtips to a raven displayed sable


Kennari Hrafn Breiðskeggr, OP. My first event was West Windsor Renaissance Faire in May 2004, since then I've immersed myself in my Barony and armored combat. Currently as East Kingdom Combat Archery marshal, Seneschal of the Canton of the Keep by the Endless Sea, and heavy marshal at large.

Pronouns: He/Him



Primary Persona

Hrafn Breiðskeggr

10th century Norse, Varangian Guard.

  • The title, Kennari, means teacher in Old Norse.

Alternate Persona


Corcrán mac Diarmata Changed from Corcoran mac Diarmaid to make historically accurate. A Norse-Irish mercenary from the early 11th century.


Offices & Positions

  • Chronicler, Barony of Carillion
  • East Kingdom Lt. General of Combat Archery, Pennsic 49, 50
  • Queen's Guard, Ro Honig Von Summerfeldt II
  • Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery, East Kingdom, Oct 2019-present
  • Seneshal, Canton of the Keep By The Endless Sea, Sept 2019-present
  • Combat Archery Marshal, Southern Region, 2017-Oct 2019
  • Combat Archery Marshal at large, Oct 2016- present
  • Baron of Carillion, Jan 2015 - June 2019
  • Armored Combat Marshal at large, Jan 2015- present
  • Knight Marshal, Barony of Carillion, Sept 2011-Jan 2015
  • Knight Marshal, Canton of Keep by the Endless Sea, Oct 2009-Sept 2011
  • Chatelaine, Canton of Keep by the Endless Sea, Feb 2006-Oct 2009

Event Staff

  • Camping Coordinator:
    • Lakewood Renaissance Faire 2010-present
    • Southern Region War Camp '13,'17,'18,'19
  • Co-Event Steward:
    • Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins '09,'21
    • Southern Region War Camp 2019
  • Event Steward:
    • Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins '13,'19
    • Southern Region War Camp '21,'22,'23
  • Marshal:
    • Crown Tourney - Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2019, SR Feeder 2021, Fall 2021
    • Mudthaw '18,'19
  • Heavy Fighting Marshal in Charge:
    • West Windsor Ren Faire '10,'11
    • Lakewood Renaissance Faire 2010-present
    • Icefalcon's Ducal Challenge 2012
    • Ghosts Ghouls & Goblins '13,'14
    • Southern Region War Camp 2014
    • Bellringers 2014
  • Combat Archery Marshal in Charge:
    • Great Northern Thyng 2019
    • 100 Minutes War '19,'21,'22
  • Pennsic Volunteer:
    • Children's Fete & Pennsic Watch - Pennsic 40
    • Disability Service, Pennsic University Pennsic 41
    • Watch - Pennsic 41 - 48
    • Combat Archery Inspector '17,'18,'19
    • Watch Point Commander - Pennsic 48, 49
    • Combat Archery Marshal 2 Pennsic 49, 50
  • Master of Games - Bellringers '19,'21,'22,'23
  • Parking Coordinator - Coronation - April 2013
  • Captain of the Guard - Runnymede Dinner (hosted by Carillion) - Pennsic 41
  • Royal Server, Ghost Ghouls & Goblins - Oct 2009

Classes Taught

  • Myths and Legends of the SCA - Pennsic 45 - 47
  • Intro to Combat Archery - Pennsic 49

Honours & Awards

  • Golden Chime of Carillion given by Tysha and Mairghread, Jan 2023
  • Companion of The Order of the Pelican, November 2021
  • Court Barony, June 2019
  • Blue Tiger Legion awarded to Southern Army at Pennsic 47
  • Companion of the Order of the Golden Mantle, March 2018
  • Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, June 2017
  • First Companion of the Order of the Iron Bell (Carillion), Aug 2012
  • Baron Cosmo's Favor: Order of the Lord of the Fish (Carillion), August 2010
  • Companion of the Order of the Sable Bell (Carillion), Aug 2009
  • Award of Arms, May 2009
  • Chime (Carillion), Aug 2008


  • Norse History
  • Military History
  • Heavy Fighting
  • Combat Archery
  • Wire Weaving

In Case of Court

  • Please contact Master Aaron the Arrowsmith
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Preferred Title: Kennari
  • Preferred illuminated themes/images are Norse, Ravens, and Thor's Hammer.
  • Please No Christian symbolism or Saint's Days.
  • Ethereal Court: No