Confederation of the Fret

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The Confederation of the Fret is an ancient treaty association between the Barony of the Bridge, the then-Shire of Smoking Rocks, and the (relatively new) Shire of Concordia of the Snows. The former Bridge canton of Trollhaven was also a separate signatory. They promised mutual cooperation and, specifically, coordination to avoid event conflicts back when there were far fewer groups. The mutual heads are the seneschals. Concordia was part of it because they and Bridge were very close in the early days. Bridge informally sponsored Concordia during its incipiency (which was, like most things, far less formal back then). It's founding date may be in the mists of time, during Morgiane de Provence’s tenure as Baroness Bridge. The Bridge seneschal who signed the charter was Lord Abelard Kif de Marseilles. So that would’ve been pre-1984. - Steffan ap Cenydd of Silverwing, in an interview dated October 31, 2022

There was an active Confederation Archers’ Company with a badge registered to Bridge in 1979: Per pale Vert and Argent, a bow and arrow in saltire counterchanged.

The whereabouts of the Charter is unknown as of this writing.