Concordian Soil

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This song for was written for the Barony of Concordia of the Snows by Drake Oranwood when he served as Bardic champion for Jean Paul and Lylie. More details about the song can be found on Drake's song page.

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Concordian Soil

© 2017 words and music by Eric Schrager

From the woodlands I came

To a place I’d set foot once before, but it called and I could not resist.

Through the cold bitter rain,

I arrived to embraces and welcome that made me suspect I’d been missed:

"You were safe in your shire, but you came here instead.

If we manage a fire, we’ll all try to get warm.

This whole place is a mire! Are you touched in the head?

Tell us what so compels you that you’d brave this storm?"

I seek the flowers that bloom in the snow,
Where the air it is crisp, and the nights are so long.
I bear a seed, and I hope it will grow.
In Concordian soil, under snow there are deep roots and strong.

They’re a tough lot and fierce,

Full of bustle and fervor, with wisdom and skills in a myriad of trades.

Oh, their hide’s tough to pierce,

But you want to be mindful that sometimes they harbor sharp memories and blades.

Still, they’re quick to the task, and they’ll outpace the sun.

If you need help, just ask (though you’ll want to ask loud).

When you’re offered a flask, the brew’s second to none,

And if you find a place here, you’ve cause to be proud. (CH)

As the year draws to end,

They assemble a ceilidh that’s lively and joyous and merry and sad.

They recall passing friends,

And the oldest soul present regales us with stories both mournful and glad.

Then the hall’s plunged in night as our voices we raise,

There’s a single flame bright, and in shared grief we sing.

One by one, candles light under our tearful gaze,

And that glow, it will warm us ’til we welcome spring… (CH)

(End of Final Chorus)
In Concordian soil, in the earth may it sleep…
In Concordian soil, what we sow we shall reap…
In Concordian soil, under snow there are deep roots and strong.