Concordia's Light

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Written in the style of Pearl with slightly shorter stanzas. It was written for Isabel de Bayonne’s Sapphire (Concordia of the Snows's A&S Award,) which was awarded to her at the War of the Roses, AS45.

The banner borne by this land is blue
Concordia’s color our Barons wear,
a gleaming gem also has this hue,
and is seen as a sign of skill most rare
of artists who work their craft with care.
Our Baron gives this jewel so bright
to worthy ones beyond compare
who by crafting make Concordia’s light

Concordia’s light is science and art,
which to all the Eastern Kingdom shine.
Isabel holds this close to her heart:
she skillfully spins and deftly twines,
she weaves out cloth so close and fine,
and fashions garb with great delight.
This lady will bear the sapphire sign
in her heart she keeps Concordia’s light.

© Dan Marsh