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Founded: July 2016
Status: Active
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The Company of the White Shield is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for new and established members of the SCA. Our mission is to provide hospitality, information, and networking so that all may explore their passion and share in the Dream. Functioning similar to a guild, our goal is to help people find appropriate mentorship in whatever they desire to learn and to enjoy the Society as a whole. The Company's white shield depicts the blank slate devoid of heraldry, representing newcomers, those who are returning or relocating, or who otherwise don't have a household or community to camp with.


The Company of the White Shield was founded by Albrecht Ostergaard who had been playing for years yet still had no AoA. He was not sure how to go about working to find his place in the Society and make himself known. He also found that there were many folks in the same situation as him and decided that a meeting place and home for such individuals was needed. This would help them find their place, network Mentors for searching members and help launch their efforts to create their Scadian lives.



The Company’s doors are open to all those who desire its hospitality so long as they adhere to our rule(s) of conduct. We consider all who enjoy our hospitality to be Guests of the Company, and there are no prerequisites for enjoying our hospitality.


These are members of the SCA who have decided to to take on a role within the While Shield, even if that role is merely to identify as a member and to propagate our mission. Membership is open to all, but we especially encourage those who do not belong to a household or have yet to gain an Award of Arms. Members of the Company can be identified by a favor of a white shield on a black field (usually a worn on the belt, but it can come in any form).. As a Member of the Company an individual is expected to:

  • Follow the Company’s rule(s) and be a good example to Guests as well as other members of the Society.
  • If a Member is wearing their favor they are expected to assist with any questions that Guests or newcomers to the Society might have, or to point them towards another Member of the Company or to a Mentor.


Mentors are members of the Company who have a desire to take on a more active role in pursuing the Company’s main goal: Networking for those members who do not have the experience or connections to explore what interests them within the Society. As a Mentor of the Company an individual is expected to:

  • Follow the Company’s rules and be a good example to Guests and Members
  • Assist with any questions that Guests or other members of the Society might have. A Mentor’s duty in this role differs from that of the Member in that when one wears the favor of a Mentor this is an indication that you are at the service of those who are seeking guidance within the Society. While a Mentor is not expected to drop everything they are doing when asked a questions, they are expected to keep in mind that while wearing a Mentor’s favor they are there to facilitate those in need within the Society.

It should be noted that wearing a favor of the Company is not compulsory and no one expected to be “always on.” We understand Members and Mentors have other commitments in addition to their participation in the White Shield.

Current Mentors


Kaptajns (pronounced captain) are members of the company that have stepped forward to help oversee the workings of the Company in a specific area, be that a small shire or an entire barony. They are expected to:

  • Follow the Company’s rule(s) and be a good example to Guests, Members, and Mentors and uphold the mission of the White Shield.
  • Help Coordinate White Shield interests within their area.
  • Keep other Kaptajns informed of White Shield events happening in their area
  • Help assist Mentors in their search for finding instructors/answering questions.

Current Kaptajns

Kaptajn General

Kaptajn General of the Company A Kaptajn General of the Company helps oversee the workings of the Company on a Kingdom wide scale. They help facilitate movements of members within their respective Kingdom as well as help coordinate with Kaptajns for large events. A Kaptajn General is expected to:

  • Uphold and actively pursue the mission of the Company
  • Follow the Company’s rule(s) and be a good example for all Guests, Members, and Mentors of the Company
  • Help Coordinate the Company’s interest on a Kingdom wide scale.
  • Communicate with other Kaptajns Generals on events within their respective Kingdoms

Kaptajn General


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