Clippy Sparky

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Clippy Sparky at GNEW 35 sitting on the Princess's throne. (photo by Maxton Gunn)
Resides: Various places in the East
Status: Active
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A wide-eyed and friendly fellow, Clippy Sparky makes his way throughout the East offering tips to those who find themselves as new officers in the East, newcomers, or really anyone who will listen to him. No one knows when he is going to show up next and offer his special brand of commentary. Clippy Sparky strives to be the most helpful Tyger he can be!


Clippy Sparky first made an appearance in the Ethereal Realm in January 2022 during East Kingdom Curia helping with the Signet's Greater Officer report. While both the Signet's and Web Minister's offices were evasive on the exact details of his creation and deny any wrongdoing, both Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir and Matthias von Würzburg are prime suspects in the matter. Clippy is a riff on "Team Blue Square" and their lament that a tyger is really quite hard to draw. He combines the best (and most unsettling) qualities of the East's beloved Tyger mascot and a certain paperclip office assistant.

Clippy Sparky made his grand debut in person at the Rapier Championship in Quintavia in February 2023 and has been seen traveling around the East ever since. Rumor has it Camille des Jardins can possibly be blamed for this...