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Founded: 1998
Status: Active
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Clan SITH is a fencing household within the Freehold of the Riverkeep. It was founded by Tristan le Sauvage. SITH itself is an acronym that stands for, "Strength, Integrity, Truth, and Honor." Or, "Savages Ingesting Tasty Humans." Depending on the day. Although they all identify being rather nerdy, they try, very hard, not to relate their group to Star Wars. Seriously.


Most members of the SITH live within the baronies of Bridge, Smoking Rocks, and Stonemarche. The only real requirement is expressing an interest in fencing, and working with the group as a whole. The majority of the fighters are cross-overs from heavy list.

Current Espada (Captain of the Sword): Lady Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina

Lieutenant: Lord Fáelán MacLochlainn

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