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Cider is a fermented, alcoholic beverage made primarily from the juice of crushed and pressed apples.

This article attempts to document primary sources for cider, as well as perry made from pear juice, and other pome fruits.


Name Date Country Language English Translation Description Panels
The fyrst boke of the introduction of knowledge made by Andrew Borde, of physycke doctor. A compendyous regyment; or, A dyetary of helth made in Mountpyllier 1542 CE France (author English) English (in English) This discussion of domestic hygene and medicine contains a brief but descriptive mention of cider and perry on page 256.
Maison rustique, or The countrey farme 1564 CE France French Period English Translation A comprehensive text on running a country estate.
Tratado de Medicina by Francisco Núñez de Oria 1572 CE Spain Spanish In book 3 on fruits, Ch. 34 (p.462 of text) it covers cider focusing on health effects. Book 5 is on wines and other drinks.
VI Holinshed's Chronicles 1577 CE England English (in English) This chronicle of the history of Britain includes a mention of cider and perry production.
The Haven of Health by Thomas Cogan 1584 CE England English (in English) This manual of health mentions cider and perry in chapter 219, but does not detail its production.
De vino et pomaceo by Julien Le Paulmier 1588 CE, French translation 1589 CE France Latin Written by a Norman physician who is primarily extolling the healthiness of drinking cider as opposed to wine. He describes many types of apples and pears. He makes some mention of the cider/perry production process.
A new orchard and garden by William Lawson 1618 CE England English (in English) On p.36 (of the linked 1858 reprint) is a brief but useful description of making cider and perry.
Via recta ad vitam longam by Tobias Venner 1620 CE England English (in English) This FAQ of health-related questions describes the health benefits of cider and perry, and describes meliorating cider with sugar and spices.
The English Huswife 1623 CE England English (in English) Barely post-period, this cookbook contains a recipe for cider and perry, and small cider from the spent pomace.
A Treatise of Fruit Trees by Ralph Austen 1653 CE England English (in English) This has some very good and interesting information on cider and perry including instructions to boil cider with spices or color it with mulberry or raspberry juice.
Sylva, or A Discourse of Forest-Trees and the Propagation of Timber by John Evelyn 1662 CE England English (in English) This post-period document mentions cider, but an appendix to the 1706 edition contains a wealth of information on cider production.
The Closet of Sir Kenelme Digbie Kt. Opened 1669 CE England English (in English) Post-period, but likely based on period techniques. Comprehensive, and reasonably detailed. Contains several cider and perry recipes.

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