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EK Wiki Kayleigh Pennsic 43.jpg
Baroness Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, OL, OP at Pennsic War XLII.

Photo courtesy of Baroness Cateline la Broderesse.

Resides: Barony Beyond the Mountain
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Sable, three quill pens in pile argent and a bordure rayonny gyronny Or and gules, for augmentation in base on an escutcheon argent a hummingbird rising azure gorged of a coronet Or.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the LaurelCompanion of the Order of the PelicanCompanion of the Order of the MauncheCompanion of the Order of the Silver CrescentSagittariusCourtBaronyThe Silver FeatherSovereign's CypherConsort's CypherOrder of the White OakAward of the Golden Chime of Carillion
Archery MarshalSeneschal

Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, aka Kayleigh McWhyte, Vanna della Bianca, Cellach Mac Faoitigh, or "Baroness Dude"

(Pronounced KAY-lee Mak White)
My pronouns are she/her.
My preferred forms of address are Your Excellency, Tidsear, Kay, Kay Leigh, or Vanna. (PLEASE do not use Kylee or Kileigh, thanks!)

Registered as Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, OL, OP. (Alternate name Cellach Mac Faoitigh is pronounced KELL-ah Mak Fwite)

I began my journey through the SCA in 1984, when I was still very young, as an annual visitor to the Browns Road Renaissance Fair Demo in Ostgardr/An Dubhaigeainn. Each year, I would make a beeline for the hay bales to watch the fencers and fighters, and occasionally stop by the nice people under the big yellow pavillion labeled "Society for Creative Anachronism". Years passed, and I continued as a fringe player, attending a demo held at one of my colleges, Long Island University C.W. Post campus. Following graduation and a move to western PA (Stormsport area, Æthelmearc), just a couple of hours north of this thing some local friends called "Pennsic", I eventually found my way back to the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn, back to that same exact demo on Memorial Day weekend of 1998. After speaking with the Baronial Chatelaine, I joined the SCA and jumped in with both feet, learning archery at my first event as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism on June 24, 1998.

Although I spent many years on the western border of An Dubhaigeainn, my travels often took me to most of the central and northern parts of the Southern Region, as well as frequently to Dragonship Haven, and Barony Beyond the Mountain, mostly for archery events at first. Eventually I found out who to speak to about working on scrolls for the Kingdom (Duchess Katherine was the Tyger Clerk of the Signet at the time), and also around the same time, I introduced a longtime friend from college (Ryan McWhyte) to the SCA.

The rest, as they say, is history...


Scottish/English Archer, circa 1350

Activities / Stuff I Do At Events

  • Archer
  • Scribe (Calligraphy and Illumination, occasional words)
  • Archery Marshal
  • Voice herald
  • Equestrian (still very new at this)
  • Fingerloop braiding
  • Embroidery (beginner, started learning in 2018)
  • Card Weaving (beginner inkle loom, started learning in 2020)


Married to Ryan Mac Whyte (Ryan McWhyte)

Current Household:

Graduated Apprentice of Jonathan Blaecstan
Currently Involved In:

  • East Kingdom College of Scribes
  • East Kingdom Stationers Guild

Advisory and Committee Roles

None, currently.

Kingdom Signet Office Accomplishments (Jan. 2011- Jan. 2015)

  • Streamlined onboarding for the East Kingdom College of Scribes by removing previous tie-in requirement for Publication Release. Publication Release forms would now be handled separately, upon desire by the scribe or Signet for content to be published, and only upon receiving consent via the Society Release Forms, bringing the Signet Office in line with Society Chronicler, Society Webministry, and Society Social Media Office Policies.
  • Created a Google Form and Fillable PDF for enrollment, cutting down on paper records and allowing digital records to be stored with the Kingdom Archivist if necessary.
  • Oversaw the entire transition of every Barony in the Kingdom over a 4 year span for Investiture/Divestiture scrolls (term limits for Territorial Coronets were first discussed in May 2011 Curia, and went into effect in August 2011 on a planned cycle).
  • Overhauled and Expanded Kingdom Signet Office Policy with the assistance of Master Thomas de Castellan, OP, MOD (Backlog Deputy, April 2011 to January 2014), to include sections on Backlog Policy, Guidelines for the Populace Concerning Requests for Court Presentations of Backlogs, Wish List Guidelines, Kingdom Seal Matrix Use Guidelines, and more.
  • Updated policy to allow for the continuation of Investiture scrolls for Landed Coronets but with the Grant of Arms traditionally given to now be provided at Divestiture, under condition that the recipient did not already possess a Patent of Arms to supercede it, and at the whim of the bestowing Crown. Additionally, a Crown could choose to bestow a Court Barony to a Divested Coronet as a separate award, in continuation of tradition in the East. Divestiture scrolls would now be the CB, CB with GoA, or a Gift Scroll from the Divested Coronet's local group, depending on Royal Whim. This went into effect as of the May 2011 Curia per the wishes of Duke Lucan.
  • Updated the EK Scribes Handbook for the first time since 2010, including language to reflect the Inspirational Equality updates to Corpora (same-gender Monarchs, same-gender Territorial Coronets). This project was 80% complete upon stepping down from office due to delays in locating the original editable handbook files, and was turned over to Nest Verch Tangwistel as my successor, whose staff completed this project.
  • Re-added the page for Basic Heraldry to the handbook, previously removed in the 2010 edition for reasons unknown.
  • Updated policy to allow for consideration on a case-by-case basis single-use participation by gentles outside the College of Scribes ("Guest Scribes") with sufficient advance notice to the Tyger Signet. This effort reduced the at least once a reign issue of duplicated scrolls by those outside the College familiar with one recipient, and allowed diversion of talent and resources/workflow to focus on another assignment to ensure that appearances of duplication of a scroll for one gentle to the detriment of no scroll for another would reoccur.
  • Instituted "AoA Days", wherein scribes wishing to volunteer tableside service at events, with assistance of willing heralds, fill in the registered heraldry of scroll recipients where applicable on armigerous scrolls (AoA, GoA, PoA).
  • Created Regional Deputies for the East Kingdom College of Scribes, with the purpose of recruiting local talent, promoting regional scriptoriums once a year, and in the years where a neighboring region was not hosting a regional scriptorium, organize with a local autocrat the Kingdom Scriptorium event (formerly known as "All Things Scribal" for the period between 2011-2014).
  • Oversaw 4 Kingdom Scriptoriums in the span of 4 years, in Dragonship Haven (Central), Ile du Dragon Dormant (Tir Mara West), Bergental (Central), and Malagentia (Northern).
  • Started an internet meme with "Ding! Scroll is Done!" called out after the completion of a scroll assignment on social media (G+ and FB).
  • Networked across Kingdom borders to collaborate with other Kingdom Signets during periods where available scribes were in short supply.
  • Smallest number of scrolls given during 1 reign during this 4 year time period in office was 80 out of 82 available scribes for that reign. Largest number of scrolls given for a single reign was in the 320s, with over 100 scribes.
  • Most active number of scribes available at any given point was 120, which included new recruits and new scribes who had moved up to accepting their first assignments.
  • From training in November 2010 onward to 2015, sought scroll texts in advance for any scrolls headed for Tir Mara (for translation purposes in the areas of Tir Mara where French is the primary language, and the court was an RP).
  • Ceased assignment of Tir Mara Champions scrolls to Kingdom Scribes as an official act of office in June 2014 Kingdom Curia, when Tir Mara's designation as a Crown Principality was clarified by Brennan I and Caoilfhionn 1 as a Region. Cessation of research into formation of a separate College of Scribes for Tir Mara also occurred at the same time, as the Crown Principality would not become a full-fledged Principality due to polling results in Tir Mara.

Current Apprentices and Protegés (Apprentigés?)

  • Lady Magdalena the Migrant, aka Magdalena Lantfarerin, aka "Ungrateful Child" (who is anything but ungrateful) (calligraphy and illumination) - student relationship formalized in October 2016, apprenticed at Mudthaw in Settmour Swamp on March 24, 2018.

NOTE: I would love to have a protegé, but won't approach directly and prefer to get to know dependents as students in advance of a belt. Please ask me, or have a friend ask me, if you'd like to become a student.


I have one formal student.

  • Lady Raffaella Mascolo (Illumination) - Moved to Atenveldt, July 2014, then Midrealm (2016), back to the East (2017), and back to Atenveldt (2019). Raffaela is a protege of my husband, Master Ryan Mac Whyte, OP.


The following gentles are part of my legacy, each has graduated on to be a Peer in their own right, and their achievements are their own:

  • Elsa de Lyon (Calligraphy & Illumination) - Elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Southern Region War Camp (Barony of Carillion), June 28, 2014
  • Heather Rose Mac Gordon aka Heather Rose de Gordoun (Calligraphy and Illumination, Bookbinding) - Elevated to the Order of the Laurel at War of the Roses (Barony of Concordia of the Snows), May 28, 2016
  • Lada Monguligin (Calligraphy & Illumination, Service) - Released from formal apprentice/protege to serve as Vicerene of Ostgardr, September 16, 2016. Retained as family and as her Laurel/Pelican advisor upon her request.
  • Vettorio Antonello (C&I, Voice Heralding, Service) - Elevated to the Order of the Laurel at A Funny Thing Happened to St. Andrew on the Way to the Forum / An Dubhaigeainn Investiture, September 16, 2017

Teaching Opportunities

I am frequently found traveling within a 4 hour radius of Barony Beyond the Mountain, and will be available for occasional informal lessons along my travels as scheduling permits. After my last term as Tyger Clerk of the Signet ended in January 2015, I took a break from teaching until May to explore the world and raid- er, visit our friends in Æthelmearc (and hope to do so again someday), as a member of their College of Scribes too.
I am primarily a teacher of calligraphy and illumination, versed in several European hands of calligraphy but mainly known for my work in cadels, an elaborate form of late period flourished script.

I am also knowledgeable in how to create a document style scroll, and had access until the end of my last term in office as Tyger Clerk of the Signet to the Seals of the Kingdom of the East, for use on armigerous (AoA, GoA, PoA), Cypher, Augmentation, King's Order of Excellence, Letters of Marque, and Tyger of the East scrolls done as documents. Please refer to the EK Wiki page about the Seals of the Kingdom of the East for more information on the seals themselves, who to send inquiries to, and more cool information on how seal impressions are made as an *optional* feature of scrolls made here in the East Kingdom.

Officer Positions Held and Event Staff

  • Archery Marshal in Charge, Eastern Barony Beyond the Mountain (Andover, CT) June 2021 to Present
  • Event Steward, Consort's and Sovereign's Archery Championships, May 2023
  • Emergency Deputy Seneschal, Barony Beyond the Mountain, December 2022 - April 2023
  • Seneschal, Barony Beyond the Mountain. December 2019 - 2022
  • Award Scheduler / Signet Office Liason, Reign of Brion III and Anna III (Winter reign, 2016-2017)
  • Scroll coordinator for the East Kingdom History Booth & Display, AS 50 Year Celebration, June 2016
  • East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet - January 2011 - January 17, 2015

  • Archery Marshal In-Charge or Support Marshal for multiple events (2002 to Present)
  • Field (Combat) Scribe for various reigns
  • Voice herald for various royal courts and tournaments

In Case of Court

  • Please consider that much of my SCA family is in the *Southern Region*, not just in the Central Region.
  • I frequently travel to events where there is archery or opportunity to tournament herald.
  • Surprises are good, but announcements in advance are better for the sake of planning travel.
  • Please notify my husband, Ryan Mac Whyte as primary point of contact (POC) at
  • Although I do not expect to be called in to court, I would like to be called in by my alternate name, Vanna del Bianca (Lady of Letters).
  • Scroll preference: NO period pigments or materials that emit fumes. Safety first, for all our sakes. <3

Scroll notes for the Signet Office:
My husband and I combined have scrolls made by Geoffrei St. Albans, Edward MacGuyver, Adele (not Elsa) de Lyon, Sarra the Lymner, Jonathan Blaecstan, Ellesbeth Donofrey, Kis Maria, Vettorio Antonello, Anne Elaina of River's Bend, Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt and Carolyne de la Pointe, Eva Woderose, Altani Khatagani, Anastasia Heinrich, Camille des Jardins, and myself. We love each one, and have framed these beautiful pieces of art and words by our friends and the Crowns who gave them. I'd rather not potentially repeat a scroll assignment to any of these talented artists. Please also consider other scribes ahead of my own apprentices - as much as I would love anything from them, I prefer to give others a chance to shine.

Scribal Websites

Titles, Other positions, Honors, & Awards Held

  • Guildmistress / Founder: Drake University for Courtly Kingdom Scribes

(D.U.C.K.S. - aka "Duck U.) - Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Scribal Guild: June 2000 - present[1] ---

Other Affiliations