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Silent Heralds provide sign language for those who cannot hear, or who have trouble hearing. This is a subset of Voice Heraldry.

There's likely more to this job; please contact your Kingdom Silent Herald or Accessibility Porter [1] for details.

Note that sign language varies depending upon location. In the USA and Canada, American Sign Language (ASL) is most common and there are differences even between cities within same State.

Historical Context

Following based on Wikipedia entry for Sign Language [2] & page creator's memory; better research is desired.

  • A Spanish monk from the 1500s, Pedro Ponce de León, developed an early translation of the alphabet into signs.
    • this ^ also needs better source: Wikipedia entry for that monk [3]
  • Thomas of Wyndriche is investigating how deafness impacted inheritance in medieval Europe; first info encountered in book listed below.


Court, especially at the Kingdom level.

Groups & Websites

East Kingdom Herald sites:

    • EK College of Heralds [4]
    • EK Officers in Heraldry [5].

Facebook has several unofficial SCA groups related to Silent Heraldry, e.g.

  • SCA Sign/Silent Heraldry [6]
  • East Kingdom Silent Heralds [7]

Note that "SCA" may have a totally different meaning on some websites, particularly on Facebook.

More Information

Bibliography & other sources

  • When the Mind Hears, by Harlan Lane [8]
  • ASL description & history at "National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders" [9]
    • fyi, Deaf culture emphatically rejects being deaf as a disorder^, broken, etc.
    • Hard-of-Hearing is currently (2020) accepted by many of those who are partially deaf.
  • Wikipedia entry for Sign Language [10]
  • Wikipedia entry for Pedro Ponce de León [11]
    • Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.
  • When Thomas of Wyndriche took introductory ASL courses in Ellsworth and Gardiner, Maine, he noticed many differences. Instructors indicated this is commonplace.

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